Warranty against Defects for Solar Systems


In this warranty:

We, us or our means Maximum Energy Solutions Pty Ltd ABN 43 607 104 236;

You, your or Customer means the purchaser of the goods (end user);

Goods refers to the solar system (including all of its components) purchased by you from us;

Defect in relation to goods, means a material failure of the goods to substantially comply with its Specifications;

Specifications means the specifications for the goods as supplied to you by us.

Our Goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are entitled to have the goods replaced if the goods fail to be of an acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. What constitutes a major failure is set out in the Australian Consumer Law.

The costs associated with a claim made under this warranty are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Retailer’s warranty

If we sell you products and services, Maximum Energy provides a standard retailer’s warranty of five years (from the date of installation) on the operation and performance of the whole PV system including workmanship and products, in accordance with the terms of this warranty policy and your agreement with us.  

This retailer’s warranty applies to all products and services that we supply you, even if they are not branded by Maximum Energy. 

We provide the following warranty against defects:

  • The goods will be free from defects for a period of 5 years (from the date of their deliver, supply or installation) (unless otherwise stated)
  • Should the goods suffer a defect during the first 5 years from the date of their delivery, supply or installation, we will provide a
  • If the goods are no longer available or have been replaced by a newer model, the closest possible alternative will be
  • To claim this warranty you will need to return the faulty goods, together with proof of original
  • Please note that the warranty may not cover removal or re-installation costs of the This will be determined on a case by case basis.

How to make a claim

  • If you wish to make a claim under the retailer’s warranty, you must notify us in writing at warranty@maximumenergy.com.au or by mail to 95 King William Road, Unley, South Australia 5062.
  • You must complete the warranty claim form (available at maximumenergy.com.au or by requesting via email to warranty@maximumenergy.com.au) and provide us with:
    1. original proof of purchase (to our satisfaction); and
    2. a certificate of installation or other document for proof of installation by an authorised electrician.

We recommend that you keep all such documentation.  If you do not provide us with all information required, we may not be able to process your warranty claim.

  • Upon receipt of your warranty claim, we will contact you about the issue and provide you with details of how to return the goods to us for inspection (if requested, we will pay your reasonable expenses of delivering the goods to us if a defect is found to exist and that defect is covered by this warranty). In some cases, we may arrange to inspect the goods at the premises they are installed (this is at our sole discretion).  We may also accept photographic evidence in the first instance, although the goods will need to be physically inspected to determine whether a defect exists.
  • Once you have provided us with the goods, we will inspect the goods to determine whether a defect exists and how that defect was caused.
  • We will notify you of our decision within [7 business days following the inspection.
  • If accepted as a valid warranty claim within the terms described in this document and your agreement, we will provide a replacement product free of charge. We will also pay your reasonable expenses of delivering the goods to us for inspection, if requested.
  • If your claim is rejected, you will be provided will a full explanation, and if requested, the goods will be returned at your   Please note that delivery costs will not be paid by us if the claim is rejected.
  • All replaced or substituted goods continue to receive the warranty benefit for the remaining time on the original warranty period.


What is not covered by these warranties?

  • The retailer’s warranty does not apply and is void if the defect was caused due to damage, malfunction or failure arising from any of the following circumstances:
    1. The goods are not installed by a licensed electrician; or
    2. The goods are not installed according to the instructions provided with the goods (This includes but is not limited to: incorrect voltage, improper wiring);
    3. The goods have been subjected to modifications, tampering or unauthorised repairs;
    4. The goods are used in a manner which is not consistent with their intended purpose;
    5. The goods are misused;
    6. The use of defective or incompatible accessories;
    7. The goods are subject neglect or mistake by someone other than us;
    8. An act of God or other natural disaster;
    9. The goods have been damaged by power spikes and/or surges;
    10. The goods have been exposed to adverse external/internal conditions (such as temperatures outside their specified operating temperatures, corrosion etc.);
    11. The goods have been affected by insect or vermin infestation, or other foreign object;
    12. Flickering resulting from input voltage, frequency, cable connections, dimmers, sensors or any other accessory/component outside of the Maximum Energy product range; or
    13. The goods are damaged caused by wear and tear.


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