25-year-old wholesale food distributor, Mallee Foods suddenly noticed a sizeable increase in their power bill. It came as a stressful surprise to Darren Clarke and his family, and was due to a rate rise. 

Power prices had been an ongoing issue, considering the amount of meat, vegetables and frozen foods the company supplies to the entire hospitality industry. Their customers include clubs, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, cafes, government and the general public. Darren knew they needed a long-term solution. 

Maximum Energy informed Darren about accessing money through the Australian Clean Energy Fund, which was later secured. This made the decision to switch to renewable options a win-win, particularly because they didn’t have to put down any capital on the project

The Mildura site, in regional Victoria, was scoped for solar. Maximum Energy installed a 75KW SolarEdge system – the best on the market that outperforms almost every other offer available. Having a system with supreme strength against wild weather was important, particularly as their specialty is food products. 

With this leading optimised technology, Darren had access to real-time panel level monitoring. This meant they could constantly check the effectiveness of each panel, instead of the entire system, which increased performance. 

Being regionally based in the Sunraysia region, Mallee Foods had their own team of contractors that they’d built a rapport with over the last five decades. One of the points of difference of Maximum Energy’s service is supporting local contractors. This makes installation faster, more efficient, and gives clients peace of mind that help is just around the corner (in case it’s required). 

For the LED lighting and solar power system, Maximum Energy engineered and designed the rebuild, overseeing the project management with local labour on the ground. The products were also purchased locally, to give back to the communities who support Maximum Energy. 

$49,000 accessed in Government rebates. (%) reduction on project costs.

We claimed $49,000 in Government rebates for Mallee Foods. The project was scoped at (original cost) but less the rebates, the outlay was only (final cost). Mallee Foods now uses the savings they’ve made to pay off the investment. Best of all, they have more heading into the bank. 

The whole project only took 

The results.

  • $49K Rebate Claimed.
  • $25,000 in annual savings
  • 69 LED’s and 254 Solar Panels
  • $1,000 less maintenance costs.
  • Maximum Energy will help Mallee Foods maintain their solar energy system.

Maximum Energy’s efforts have helped Mallee Foods continue to stand by their mission of supplying their customers with quality, value for money food products. The Clarke family continues to hold their leading market position, constantly analysing the ever-changing environment, finding new products, and being open to new ways of operating Darren’s business – like switching to green energy.

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