Aim of the project:

Maximum Energy was commissioned to install over 7,000 LED lights across 8 schools in Western Sydney, in just 2 weeks…

What was involved?

Maximum Energy undertook a month’s worth of planning to prepare for this project. Accuracy in pre-audit work quickly becomes the cornerstone of all project planning, such as this. The planning process involved visits to all eight sites to meet each stakeholder group and plan site access prior to the project’s commencement. These introductory visits were pivotal to the planning process, as each site possessed extensive security and alarm systems. Maximum Energy co-operated with stakeholders across each site to gain optimal site access to complete the project on time.

How we did it:

Maximum Energy liaised with suppliers to ensure prompt product delivery to each site. It was imperative that all product was delivered to each site on time, due to a tight schedule of two weeks. Additionally, sourcing high quality LED products was critical to the final outcome of the project, as a proportion of new lights arrive damaged or faulty, typically. Fortunately, this headache was avoided altogether, thanks to Maximum Energy’s superior lighting suppliers and products.

Every installation project is bound to produce electrical waste. To combat this, Maximum Energy disposed of each site’s electrical waste with safety and caution, as not to cause harm to contractors, stakeholders, the site itself or any school children.

Our team managed the project effectively by employing daily site reporting, as well as frequent safety and quality audits. Our dedicated project managers and electrical contractors worked together to overcome any hurdles that compromised the outcome of the project. Our company prides itself on team work and our contractor’s unrivalled work ethic. Our team was dedicated to completing this project on time to satisfy each stakeholder group.

The solution provided by Maximum Energy:

At Maximum Energy, the needs of our clients are placed at the center of each and every project. That’s what makes us different…the fact that we give a damn. We call upon our extensive network of suppliers, contractors and energy experts to carry out successful installations on time, every time. As a result, our Sydney schools project was a success. In just 2 weeks, 7,182 LED lights were installed across 8 schools in Western Sydney.

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