Brief Outline of the Aim of the Project

To provide an effective retrofit solution of the existing lights changing over to new energy efficient LED lights

What was Involved?

Changeover all internal lights to LED whilst still maintaining the initial design look

Any Particular Challenges/Demands or Expectations?

Changing over the 12meter high carpark lights in 42c heat proved a difficult challenge as the lights had effectively corroded to the pole. This required some specialist tools and a boom lift with a safety corridor established around the work site whilst the carpark was fully operational. Changing the lights in the drive thru lanes also required sone delicate shut off periods during low times to minimise customer inconvenience and trade.

Equipment Used

There was a mix of fittings for onside the store including new LED panel lights and frames and replacing inefficient over counter lights that greatly reduce heat and power consumption. The changeover to LED in our cool rooms means now it is easier for stock locations and rotation increasing efficiency and safety.

The Solution Provided by Maximum Energy

A mix of quality Led light fittings and bulbs totally suitable for the demanding McDonalds environment.a

Comments from the Customer

“Our stores mostly run at 24 hours seven days a week so the lights inside are on all the time. This results in us having a large energy bill as most of our stores had the old type halogen and floor style tubes that aren’t so efficient. In an effort to reduce our operating costs whilst still providing the same kind of light output that McDonalds design for customer comfort and staff safety/effciency, we called on Maximum Energy to provide us with a changeover solution. As the approved supplier for LED lights to McDonalds in australia we knew we were heading in the right direction for quality and performance. I was delighted when Maximum offered us a no cost on site energy assessment and audit across our 7 stores as u it gave us the confidence to deal with an organisation who were experienced in this area and wouldn’t let us down. Our sites operate as a busy encirmnoiment and with 24 hours running there were some significant challenges to overcome replacing lights in a working kitchen. I am pleased to report that the job was completed on time and budget and we are delighted with the results and service. Better still our fist store was changed over around 5 years ago and the quality and performance of the lights are fantastic with absolutely minimal down tone. We all have noticed savings on our maintenance and air conditioning costs.”

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