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Your turn-key storage solution.

Power costs have increased dramatically over the past few years – and this will only continue. Alleviate this big expense altogether and power your business with a solar energy system.

Solar is how business owners can future proof their business. With recent advancements in technology, storing the power you generate you’d never have to worry about a hefty bill again.

In Australia, we’re fortunate enough to experience comparatively consistent sunshine year-round which makes solar a significantly more cost-effective strategy for business owners.

At Maximum Energy, we provide a total project management system – from the consultation through to installation and ongoing support. Solar can be confusing, but we simplify the whole process into three steps:

  1. Consulting to provide tailored solutions that fit your energy consumption needs
  2. Specially designed and constructed systems for your application
  3. We register you for all the relevant rebates and utilities companies.

Solar system, monitoring & back up.

Take control of your energy bills today by investing in a Maximum Energy system. Access clean energy, eliminate your power bills and add value to your business.

Include a solar battery and you have power whenever you need it. You don’t have to worry about power outages or blackouts as your business remains powered. We provide the critical power back-up to selected parts of your business.

As well as locking in future energy costs you’re helping the future of the planet and your own community by reducing your carbon footprint. Whether you need a basic business installation or a more complex system, our solar experts will tailor a solution for you.

Make your business’ energy cleaner, greener and more sustainable with free power from the sun. Pull out one of your bills and one of our energy consultants will show you how to cut your power costs altogether.

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Finance options are available, so no need to worry about a costly outlay. Pay as you save!

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Simple Monitoring

Monitor and manage the energy you generate via your smartphone or tablet.

Future Proof

Grows as your family grows, so can rest assured you are secure for the long term.

Take control of your energy costs

Power costs for Australian residents have increased dramatically over the past few years, and there are more increases on the horizon. Wouldn’t you like to alleviate those costs, and create your own power for your home?

Solar is a very affordable option for home owners, and recent advancements in technology make storing the power you generate, easier than ever before.

Australia boasts some of the most consistent sunshine anywhere in the world, which makes solar an extremely viable option for Australian home owners.

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