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Reduce your energy running costs by switching to LED downlights. We have efficient solutions to power up your office, shop, warehouse or entire building. Varying in sizes and wattages, our LEDs help cut your energy consumption.

Power is one of the biggest expenses for any business. Lighting accounts for a big portion of daily consumption. Our LED lights consume less energy with a higher output, so you’ll save money over the long-term. LEDs are replacing expensive fluorescent light bulbs being 90% more efficient over a longer working life. 

If you run a shop and lighting is essential to showcase your products, there are hundreds of stylish LED lights to choose from. Set the mood, add colour and style up a space with LED lights, while saving money.

LEDs are the most advanced, stylish and practical lighting technology on the market today. We’ll help you decide which LED lighting you need including the mounting type, the beam angle, lumen intensity, colour temperature and wattage.

With the right choice, LEDs can last for many years. Talk to our team of LED lighting experts today and make the switch.

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Lighting Retrofit 

1. Return on Investment (ROI) – in most cases the payback period for implementing Energy Efficient Programs is less than 12 months making the decision to upgrade a simple one 

2. Finance – Maximum Energy use Verdia which is a finance venture between the Australian Government Clean Energy Council and Westpac bank, proving Australias leading finance deals. 

3. Government Rebates – in VIC, NSW, SA and soon QLD and WA are Govt. Rebate incentives to upgrade Lighting to LED. This is proving to be a major factor for the Australian Market. 

New Projects 

Lighting – Maximum Energy lights can be specified on most if not all commercial and industrial facilities plans to ensure that the process is seamless from design to supply. We can prepare a turnkey design for any prospective site with 3D imagery or provide IES, Revit or other required information to ensure the best light for the right application. Our expert lighting consultants are on standby to assist with any new or difficult applications, just ask us!


Maximum Energy import products for internal projects and for sale to the Lighting market, including other end users or wholesalers.

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