CABN are off-grid, self-contained, custom design sustainable tiny houses. Maximum Energy designed and implemented and affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solution.

The Project

What were the project objectives and how did Maximum Energy get involved?

CABNs are off-grid and self-contained, sustainable custom designed tiny houses. Placed on secluded curated sites, it’s just you, the natural surrounds and the company youbring.

CABN are committed to having reliable power for its customers that is also sustainable and finding the right partner to support them with this was critical. The last thing they wanted was having a customer, literally in the middle of nowhere, stuck without power.

The uniqueness about CABN is no site is the same and they all come with different complexities when it comes to providing a

reliable and sustainable power system. Maximum Energy have a strong track record in delivering reliable and sustainable power systems for remote and complex sites all over Australia and this is why they were selected by CABN to design and deliver power systems for their remote locations across the country.

The Process

What did Maximum Energy do on the project, what was involved and how did they meet the brief?

The brief was simple, we don’t want our customers left in the dark and we want it to be sustainable.

But the solution was complex, as most off grid sites have some sort of diesel generator backing up the site. So designing and

delivering an affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy solution, that is also scalable to multiple different locations, requires a special business to deliver.

That’s where Maximum Energy delivered.

The Result

On meeting the brief what benefit did Maximum Energy provide in terms of value and experience, and what does the future look like?

CABN have received a highly reliable and sustainable power system.

Maximum Energy through clever engineering and innovation have been able to build CABN a highly reliable and sustainable power system that met the clients requirement and budget.

Read our full CABN case study here

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