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Maximum Energy partner with businesses to help them transition to a sustainable energy future

Our Vision

To power the decentralised energy transition and help accelerate  the world to a sustainable energy future.

Our Mission

To unlock the benefits of the energy transition for businesses and communities, so they can power the change towards a more affordable, reliable and sustainable energy paradigm.

Our Values

Customer Focused – Embed trust and integrity in everything we do. We strongly believe in a “hand on heart approach”and always aiming to do the right thing in all situations. 

Diversity & Inclusion – not only do we feel it is the right thing to do but we know the only way to improve the future of our planet is by giving everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Sustainable – thinking about long term impact of everything we do.

Innovation – The energy system needs to change which is why we always embrace creative and new ways of thinking because we believe there is always a better way to do things.

Healthy and happy – Having fun in the workplace leads to more productivity, less stress, and happier people. It is science.

Maximum Energy now plays an important role as a consultant for businesses and communities to support them on their Sustainable Energy Transition. Maximum Energy are helping these organisations achieve both sustainable and economic outcomes by building resilience through strategy, implementation and ongoing energy optimisation.
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