Our Vision

“A world powered by sustainable energy”

Our Mission

“To provide our customers with sustainable, affordable and reliable energy through innovation and technology”

Our Values

Sustainability – be a leader in reducing our carbon and environmental impact by making sure everything we do; can be done for ever.

Diversity & Inclusion – not only do we feel it is the right thing to do but we know the only way to improve the future of our planet is by giving everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Innovation – We always embrace creative and new ways of thinking because we believe there is always a better way to do things.

Integrity – We strongly believe in a “hand on heart approach” and always aiming to do the right thing in all situations.

Fun – Having fun in the workplace leads to more productivity, less stress and happier people. It’s science

The Power of Partnership

We have built this business on our desire for a sustainable world, with all the benefits that brings… from lifestyle to economics. By partnering with companies, organisations and governments we are helping to reduce energy use. Our partners benefit financially, but they’re also being environmentally responsible and contributing to a better, cleaner Earth. It’s a positive (and powerful) brand association.

We take a collaborative approach in providing our expertise; responding to the specific requirements of every project with respect and understanding, while maintaining best outcome practices.

Not only do we live and breathe energy, we have energy – in the way we work, in our delivery and in our support. We don’t do things by halves in attaining positive outcomes for our clients.

Safety First

Safety is incredibly important for us. The hazards of working in an electrical environment are never underestimated. We are CM3 prequalified, which means we adhere to the highest OHS and WHS standards, and that extends to all our subcontractors. Put simply, there is no compromise where people’s health and safety are concerned.


  • Indi Services – an Indigenous Business Consortium partner with construction and engineering industry leaders in South Australia
  • International Leaders
  • TEC (The Executive Connection)
  • Business SA – Member

Products & Services

  • Energy Strategy Management
  • Solar PV Systems and Batteries
  • Demand Management
  • LED Lighting
  • Smart Control System’s
  • HVAC

Facilities & Equipment

  • National Representation

Industries Served

  • Automotive
  • Clean Energy
  • Construction & Engineering
  • Defence
  • Health
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil, Gas & Energy
  • Retail, Trade and Other Services
  • Transport

Major Clients

  • JLL
  • McDonalds Australia
  • Southern Cross Care (Aged Care)
  • Catholic Schools Australia
  • Charter Hall
  • Saville’s
  • Cheap as Chips
  • Local Governments
  • CavPower
  • Mocare
  • SA Premium Flooring

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